Human suffering questions us and our lives.

Why is this happening to me? What meaning will it have? Will I ever be happy? However, when the meaning of suffering in one’s life is understood and accepted, it changes everything.

Father Jorge Obregón, LC and Nayeli Pereznegrón open their hearts up and share their experience of the sufferings each one has faced respectively as a priest and a mother. As witnesses of pain, suffering and transformation, they wrote this book for you: What thoughts come to you when you encounter pain? How to embrace it and discover its power? Where can you find the answer that gives meaning to so much suffering? Why do we suffer more in dark moments than what we enjoy during the luminous ones?

This is a book that will help you find love, hope and happiness on the other side of suffering.
*Soon to be launched in english*

Solid ideas for a fluid world

What is wrong with this generation?

We all feel the desire to finally find happiness. Why are unhappiness, stress, and worry clouding our lives? Why am I not feeling better? You don't have to live like this. Happiness is for you!

In this book we talk about the love, happiness and joy of those who discover themselves and leave behind so much doubt. Happiness is within your reach, and you can get it. Read and discover!
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Featured reviews
  • Camilo Zuluaga Giraldo
    When you wonder if something is right or wrong, so much information and so many people come to give us their opinion and it becomes difficult to reach a solid conclusion or worse, based on lies. This book gives wakes you up and shows you how "we are standing on the shoulders of giants", that the truth is only one and that there is a reason for everything. Grounding our decisions on the truth will make our life the happy one we all strive to live.
  • Raul De Anda
    I read 40+ books a year. This is the best one yet.

    This is a page turner. Each page, each chapter helped me have a better understanding of the world (from current ideas to things that I knew for a long time). And the most incredible thing: the content helped me to be the best version of myself.
  • Andrés Chávez Belisario
    The conversations between Luis and Alejandro touch a bit on our own lives. In the end, we all seek to find the truth in our life. In our generation there is a tendency curtail the truth to our whims, and this story not only helps us to see the way to move towards the truth, it also presents the One who is the Truth, it presents us with those "solid ideas for a liquid world ", precisely those ideas that we most need to take root in ourselves. I highly recommend it!

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