When we search for happiness, it is Jesus we search for 


Priest: To Christ through Mary

Catholic priest, member of the Legion of Christ, passionate about the formation of young men and women. His areas involve happiness, faith and questions of life and self-development. Has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration in the Tec of Monterrey, a Bachelors in Philosophy and another one in Theology in the Regina Apostolorum in Rome. Finished his Masters in Biblical Theology in John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, CA. He founded the Search retreat in 2012 along with a group of highly committed lay people. Likewise, he founded the "New Fire" platform with Catholic content for young adults from Latin America.

Has worked for more than 15 years in 3 continents. Currently serving in Rye, NY.

Solid ideas for a fluid world

What is wrong with this generation?

We all feel the desire to finally find happiness. Why are unhappiness, stress, and worry clouding our lives? Why am I not feeling better? You don't have to live like this. Happiness is for you!

In this book we talk about the love, happiness and joy of those who discover themselves and leave behind so much doubt. Happiness is within your reach, and you can get it. Read and discover!


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