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Out of the box evangelization - June 2009

On the same year of my priestly ordination, I had the opportunity to explore what other Christians around the world are doing. My trip to London allowed me to see the greatness that the Holy Spirit does in many souls around the world. The Holy Spirit is not confined to the Church. Every activity that I'm able to encounter seems to go into my suitcase of out of the box evangelization.

Diaconate ordination - September 2009

I fully remember my diaconate ordination. When I look back at the photos, I don't remember many times in my life when I've had such a large smile. I felt that I was on my way to the priesthood, something that took me 18 years. In this city that I so much loved, Bogota, in the company of great friends, my mom and dad, on the 12th of September 2009, I received the first degree of the sacrament of order. It was a beautiful day!

Priestly ordination - December 2009

Priestly ordination - December 2009
This was definitely the peak moment of my life. As the ordination Mass finished, I knew that my soul had been marked not only for this life, but for eternity with an indelible mark. That day the Holy Spirit came down upon my soul with a burning fire and made me priest forever. As I was walking out in procession, I had 2 words streaming down my whole being: unworthy and thank you.

Missions among great need - 2013

During all these years, going to poor realities in developing countries has been a great source of inspiration both for my young adults as well As for myself as a priest. Hearing the words of Jesus come out of the mouth of simple souls, seeing His presence in their eyes and their life have always reminded me of our responsibility and duty to care for those that Jesus cared for the most. We are all missionaries.

Impact retreats - 2014

When a great team and I set out to create a brand new type of retreat in 2012, I would have never dreamed that the Holy Spirit was in a hurry to touch these souls around the world in such a profound way. And yes, many of those seeds have not lasted as much as my heart would have desired. Nevertheless, this vineyard belongs to Christ, not to us. We do what we can, and we defend what we must. Over 10,000 young adults have done these retreats. May your will be done, my Lord!

Sacraments: the gifts of Christ

A priest has 2 main tasks: preach the Word of God and celebrate his Gifts for the human soul. I have been blessed to celebrate weddings, first communions, funerals, confessions and anointing people in their last moment. We were made for God, and his presence in our soul is already having one foot in eternal life. May God grant me many opportunities to continue to do this in the years to come.

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